1st Album Uploads Completed! - Monday, November 15, 2004

Would you guys believe it if I said I was done with all my remix Mp3s for the remix section? ..... Fa' Sho'! I finished uploading all the songs from my first remix album and now I'm focusing on the second one more during this weekend, but who knows? I might just go ahead and do more and more on weekdays depending on my homework and junk. But I hope ya'll keep in mind that some of the mixes on these "intro" albums might have been a lil' off, if yo kna means, 'cus I was still gettin' used to the DJin'! But some of you have already sent me comments, thank you! Holla at the kid!

Just Feel Like Postin'... Wus Happenin'? - Saturday, November 6, 2004

Yo, wus up my desi peoples? It's Saturday and tomorrow I'll prolly be hittin' dem books, so I thought I'd just go ahead and post a lil' some some for ya'll, just in case I don't get to any updates tomorrow. Today, I downloaded two albums, one was a remix of DJ Fresh 2004, and then the other one was "Tera Mera Pyar". Tera Mera Pyar was the album I had been lookin' out for, to come up on the web for quite some time. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was only lookin' for the song "Mujhe Seene" in that album, but it looks like I found the WHOLE thing, kna meanz? I'll try to upload both of them tomorrow if I have time... But on the forum, no one has registered yet and I think I know why. It's obviously because my site/forum hasn't been in the search engines' web directories "all the way", if you kna mean. The topsites that I've registered to listed my site in the directories from the beginnin', since they're all domains, so maybe I'll just have to sit back... Tonight, I'm thinkin' of makin' the forum available to guests again, 'cus I'm havin' second thoughts... And Tomorrow, hopefully I remember to upload up another track from my remix Album. Aight then, peace!

Dil Dooba Remix Added, Forum Updates - Friday, October 29, 2004

I uploaded, yet, another one of my remixez on the first album, A DJ'z Intro. So now I actually AM keepin' up with the updates on the remix section of this site. But there's bad news according to the results of the forum... It looks like no one has yet registered on the forum, which basically tells me that freeloaders iz jst goin' crazy by downloadin' all 'em MP3s and then jst leavin' the forum like it iz! I told ya'll peeps before that I'mma have to add a few requirements to the forum if this happens... Well IT HAS happened, so now its time to put that into action... tonite, imma have to set the forum's settings to somethin' like "A guest cannot view any posts unless he or she is registered in this forum system." I hate bein' the kind of dood that does something like that to my guests and visitors of this site... but i mean.. in order for me to get my credit and for the benefit of the site, it seems I'll HAVE to do that... I've always thought that webmasters who make their guests register in order to download media and view posts in their forums were playa-haytaz 'cus they MAKIN' us do stuff! But now I know what they mean, because ya boi DesiJay takes alot of time uploading all them nice tracks for his peoples, but not supportin' the site makes it a disadvantage for him...[Talkin' bout me, mayne!] So now we'll find out if peeps is willin' to get with the forum cliq to get what THEY want, kna meanz? And who knows? Ya boi might even enable it back to the way it was IF!... if... ya'll comprehend...

More Songs, Another Remix Track - Friday, October 29, 2004

Yo the other day, i decided it'z back to the remixez real fast mayne, so i went on ahead once 'gain 'n uploaded another remix song, off my DJ Album, the 1st one. I have two on it, so i'll do it one by one day by day, kna mean'z? 'n then another thing i did on the Forum, wus i added some more new songs, so collectively u kan say i have mp3s uploaded from Swades, Veer Zaara, two from Tera Mera Pyar, 'n a couple more... But the problem is.. i think a whole bunch ov people have downloaded some of them, but never even registered! look my desi peoples, imma have to set those restrictions if ya'll don't register, so basically, as the admin of the forum, i can make it so that only registered members are able to view the posts, resulting in no downloads for ya'll doodz that alwayz think u can get away with it ya meanz? but i mean, it doesn't hurt to register and post, 'cus after all, u'll be doin' it for the good of the forum. but then again, the forum is not enlisted in Google and other search engines yet, so i guess i'll keep it open to all visitors for quite some time... after all ,i know my other forum wus messed up, 'cus it wus old and tired, but the one you see up in this now, is pretty tite 'cus it has more features, 'n certain things that u wouldn't be able to do in most forums, so go ahead and hopefully some people decide to register...

New Forum, Back To Updates - Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Now on my new forum, I'm puttin' up songs, for real now, the only thing i had last time wus like a lil' poll on ya fav. actress, lol, i don't know wut wus up with that my peoples, but um... it'z all good now, because i've updated my mp3 server with the NEWEST songs of bollywood, check it out, click on the link on the left of the page, "Bollywood Ka Forum", provided by ya boi DJ DesiJay. Me. And pleez, think 'bout becoming a member, it'll definitely benefit u 'n everybody else, it'z gon be lyke a desi community o' somethin', kna meanz, ne wayz, go ahead and check it out.

Remixez Iz Finally Up! - Tuesday, July 6, 2004

4 thowze o' ya'll that wanted my remixez, the page u want 2 c iz finally up on this site! My site hitz iz sometimez decreasing and increasing so i guess thas pretty normal, my site iz still not enlisted up on the search enginez yet, but soon 'n hopefully, it will... i hope ya'll likez the remixez, 'cus i do spend lotz 'o time remixin' songz! o yea 'n umm... therez a new movie called "Gayab", with a nice soundtrack so ya'll mite wanna check that out, too. aktually, i only liked 3 of the songz, "Gayab Hoke", "Dilkash" and "Tanha". I prolly will remix thowze songz, for my next album. for rite now, i only uploaded 1 song, i'll upload a whole bunch more laytaz... aite, so keep the hitz comin', 'n the boi will 'ppreciate it if u holla atchya folx 'bout this site 'n all, 'be lyke ay man, the boi DJ DesiJay makez sum tite remixez of hindi songz, check him out! holla... ;) - Webmaster, Ya Boi DesiJay!

More Hitz, More Media! - Monday, June 28, 2004

Wus up, looks lyke i'm back at it again with the updatez... I ain't never thought this site would be this tite! It looks lyke i'm on top of theez topsites, 'n I'm gettin' so many hitz now! but we gotz 1 prob. yaarz, ain't nobody registered to my Forum/Message Board yet! come on ppl! i'm tellin' ya'll, if u get involved with this site daily 'n lyke post this 'n that 'n keep on comin' back to this site 'n u'll get more updatez to this site! u know i'm sayin'??? i never knew i'd get this much hitz per day, but since i do now i guess it wouldn't hurt to put up more media up on this site, this site 'bouta be all "shined up!" so make sho' ya'll post messagez and comin' back daily or wutever, 'n this site'll be real big! Keep it locked! - Webmaster, ya boi DesiJay!

Under Kunstruktion - Monday, June 21, 2004

Ay yaw man, this site iz currentlee under some mad kunstruktion, butchya boi iz workin' on it rite now, so it'll take a lil' while 'til i'm dun with it. Keep on comin' bak tho', day by day u'll see more and more evolution up in here, so check it out. rite now i'm workin' on the layout 'n deezign, 1st thing'z 1st, 'n then i'll get started on more important stuff lyke the content u'll be seeing on this site. i prolly won't have a lot of visitorz rite now, but i guess if i submit to more 'n more search enginez it'll all work out aite... i did that yesterday at and a couple more submission servicez, so i better c some rezults soon! aite aite, i'm out 4 now, 'bouta work on the layout some more 'n get it over with. - Webmaster, DJ Desijay.